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I'm sure we can all think of some worthy candidates

The latest update post from the This Life website:

Turn in a Friend

Hi there. Ira Glass writing this. A few weeks ago, I met this listener who had an idea for the pledge drive. He said he had a close friend who listens to public radio every day, but never pledges. He said I should call the friend and record the conversation as I try to talk him into pledging. He said I should get other listeners to turn in their non-pledging friends.

I'll admit, I'm not totally sure if this is a smart idea or not. But it seems worth a few phone calls to find out. So I'm turning to you.

I'm writing to ask you to turn in a friend. If you know someone who listens to public radio avidly, several days a week or more, talks about stuff they hear on Morning Edition or Car Talk or our show, but they never pledge...I'd like to give them a call. I'll be nice, I swear. But I will ask them why they don't pledge. And I'll try to talk them into pledging. And I'll record the whole thing and—if it works—I'll put it on the radio.

So...if you know someone like that...send me their names and a sentence or two about how much public radio they seem to listen to...and their phone numbers. Don't warn them that I might call. And send me your number too. I might want to begin these little pledge segments with the person who's turning in the deadbeat listener.

Send all the info to with the subject "Turning in a Friend."

One more thing. This whole scheme probably only makes sense if the person turning in their friend is someone who pledges. So if you don't pledge, please know a) we're still friends b) you're in the majority; most people who hear our show never pledge and c) this little scheme I'm cooking up for the show is probably one for you to sit out.

Okay. I think that's everything. Thanks for your time.

Ira Glass
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