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good for whales, bad for us

The show last night was remarkable. I got there a little past 7, and it was PACKED. I had to sit in one of the first few rows, but it didn't matter because it was AMAZING. [went to the eden prairie, MN showing]

It was really cool seeing the radio aspect + the television show aspect. The outtakes of the interview with the bull guy were hilarious. ask an Iraqi was really moving, and funny at times. I feel like I've heard about this story before, it wasn't on the radio, was it? I assume it's gonna be a story on the new season. The waving story was great. Jonathan Goldstein's bit about being funny/popular was brilliant. One of my favorite parts was the story Ira talked about with that one person who has no control over their body, and he almost died in a car when they got pulled over. And that amazing email that Ira read about it. I hope that story gets resurrected for the radio medium, because they said it wouldn't work for tv.

and the Q&A was remarkable.

Sorry, that was kinda incoherent rambling. Any other thoughts on last night?

And yeah! I really hope this show will be released on dvd or something. Maybe an extra disc with the major release of season 1? or maybe season 2?
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