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Movie based on story covered in TAL #324: My Brilliant Plan

I was reading this story in the Hartford Courant:

STORRS — - Imagine picking up the phone and Spike Lee’s on the line and he’s telling you he wants to make a movie about your life. Not just a small, arty film, but a major motion picture.

That’s exactly what happened to Ron Mallett, a University of Connecticut physics professor who has developed a theory for time travel that could be a blueprint for a real time machine.

It seems the award-winning filmmaker read Mallett’s memoir and was captivated by the tale of an African American boy so traumatized by the death of his father that he was driven to try to build a time machine so he could go back and save his father’s life.

Yes it’s Ron Mallet from Act Two. Tragedy Minus Time Equals Happily Ever After

it’s such a great segment. Lee is a little wacky but IMHO a brilliant filmmaker, it’ll be interesting to see his take on the story.
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